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A popular blend formulated to help calm, soothe, balance the "flames" of anxiety that rise and cause agitation, panic and stress feelings. The oils of Lavender, Geranium, Rose - all balance, sooothe and recirculate "qi" or energy. The oils of Valerian and Melissa help sedate the anxiety and helps you open to calming energy.
Comfort and calm from this blend are enhanced with guided imagery, breath work or any other stress reducing skills.

Best Uses: Inhalation, or topical. A great location for this blend is on the wrist, pinky finger side, at the wrist crease.


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2 Reviews

Jane 3rd Oct 2017

Anxiety Rescue

I have used this EO for my mother worth dementia for several years now. It has helped her to be less anxious with cares and off the anti anxiety medications which she for not tolerate at all.

Cindy 28th Jul 2015

This really works!

We use anxiety rescue here in our Nursing Home for our residents. It is an excellent oil which has dramatically decreased our usage of antianxiety medications.

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