Aromatherapy Patch - Guardian

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Guardian - use to strengthen and build resilience

Ingredients: lemon, eucalyptus radiata, clove bud, cinnamon leaf, rosalina, orange

Indications and uses: 

for those who are susceptible to or experiencing colds and flu


stimulating, tonic, build resiliency

Additional Info:
Popular blend used by many for "guarding your health". Great blend to use as prevention during cold and flu season. A tried and true old recipe used by many essential oil companies! I also like having this blend along when you travel and get seated next to someone that is sick on a plane or traveling!

Why choose “blends” over single oil patches?
As an Aromatherapist, we blend oils to create a “synergistic effect” for a desired outcome. Blends also offer improved aroma over many singe note oils. 
When using Aromatherapy in Healthcare settings, we do not want to create a “smell memory” associated with their medical situation. When commonly found aroma’s like ginger or peppermint are used for instance for nausea – an “aroma print” will be created, and common aroma’s like ginger and peppermint may trigger unwelcome memories associated with that aroma.

Aromatherapy Patches from Jodi Baglien combine patented technology with 100% pure essential oils, professionally formulated and blended to deliver consistent aroma for up to 8 hours.  Simply stick on and go!
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