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 Calming blend lives up to it's name, blended to ease tension, create happiness, calm agitation, relax, release, rest. Probably my most popular blend, used in nursing home all over the midwest for agitation, rest, stress reduction.
The aroma is fantastic! A complex blend of cooling citrus, calming blue tansy and sandalwood, balancing oils of geranium and lavender for overall balance, a splash of Ylang Ylang to quench the flames of agitation, and Frankincense to help deepen your breath and bring you to a more centered state of being.

Ready to use is blended with fractionated coconut oil at 25% dilution for topical use. Please dilute further with fractionated coconut oil for young children, elderly or people with sensitive skin.
 This is a great blend to have a healing session with.

 Calming blend is also sold in my new Aromatherapy Patch!


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3 Reviews

Amanda 14th Aug 2017

Love this blend

I've bought this for myself, as a gift, and recommended it to my family. I like applying it when I feel anxious and right before bed. This is a fabulous blend!

andrea 16th Sep 2015

a good substitute

I typically buy French lavender and Deep Relief. I use them interchangeably as I'm going to sleep or meditate. They're great for relaxation. But I wanted something that would do the same but a different scent. I'm not quite sure what Calming reminds some of, but the smell is kind of initially invigorating and then it slowly calms me. If I want to stay more awake during meditation, but relax after a tough day, I'll use either calming or deep relief. But if I want to get "knocked out" relaxed, I'll use Lavender French.

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