Calming - Synergy

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Calming blend lives up to it's name, blended to ease tension, restore happiness, relieve agitation, relax, release, rest.
The aroma is fantastic! A complex blend of cooling citrus, calming blue tansy and sandalwood, geranium and lavender for overall balance. Splash of Ylang Ylang to quench the flames of agitation, and Frankincense to help deepen your breath and bring you to a more centered state of being.
Formerly known as the blend Freedom - Same wonderful oils, with just a few new adjustments.

Also comes in my new Aromatherapy Patch

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1 Review

16th Aug 2015

Beautiful Scent!

I love all the scents I've ordered from Jodi, but this one--by far--is my favorite. The scent is clean and warm, and reminds me a lot of some Aveda products that I use! Just 5 drops in my oil diffuser and our home smells wonderful!

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