Thank you for your interest in our Aromatherapy Classes!

What types of Aromatherapy education do you offer?

Here is how I like to call my style of education - "I provide the hands on down and dirty information and practical skills you need to intelligently work with essential oils like an Aromatherapist - without spending the time and $$ in aromatherapy school!"

My students are often in Nursing, work in Healthcare, or are practitioners and essential oil enthusiasts who want clear information and practical skills they can use right away. Recommendations for deeper study of topics, resources are provided in class for continued learning.

If you want to become a fully "Certified Aromatherapist" - you may want to consider viewing the recognized schools from our Professional Aromatherapy Associations - AIA and NAHA.  School programs start at about 250 hours of education and go up to 600 hours. See my FAQ's for more details.

normandale-cc-logo.jpgCertificate Classes at Normandale Community College in Bloomington, MN

Aromatherapy Foundations Certificate
Aromatherapy Advanced Applications for Stress and Pain Relief

centerpoint-school-logo.pngWorkshop at Centerpoint Massage and Shiatsu School in St. Louis Park, MN

Essential Oils for Mood Shifting


Top  Reasons to Study with Jodi:

  • Get hands on practical skills you can use right away, be safe and save money!
  • Use any "brand" of oils you love, but learn HOW to use them wisely with me!
  • Fluent in how to use oils with -  shiatsu, massage, acupuncture, energy healing, qi gong, nutrition, in nursing, with feng shui, herbs, spiritual practices, intuitive skills, small business needs.
  • Ongoing support and supplies for you to continue learning or implementing oils into your practice.
  • 10% discount on oils for students - ongoing!

What Students are saying...

"Love Jodi's unique perspective on Essential Oils"

"Great hands on learning"

"I like that even though I am not very familiar with oils, I learned so much. I will be back for more classes"

"You have been a big inspiration. I have learned a lot from your class, and your on-going technical support when I have questions. I was intrigued by your oils and have found in my practice that they are indeed of superior quality.  The services you provide are also wonderful, and I already have referred many people to you. Stay in business a long time… I need you!" - Michelle LaCroix - The Acupuncture & Pain Management Clinic, Inc.