Comprehensive 'Core Training' Programs
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Core Training provides a variety of methods and essential oils to use aromatherapy safely and effectively throughout your facility, and provides a deeper level of training for your staff.

This comprehensive program will create enthusiasm from staff, and bring your patients and residents well being and symptom relief naturally.  The basic key concepts of the science of aromatherapy, critical safety information, carefully selected oil and effective methods of use, oils and practice time is included in each techniques module.  

The Core Training Program is defined in the following modules:

101 -  Intro to Aromatherapy Practices in Health Care – 1.5 Hours
102 – Essential Oils for Stress and Moods, Inhalation Techniques - 2.5 Hours
103 – Essential Oils for Pain and Topical Application Techniques - 2 Hours

Core Program Options

Intro and Stress and Moods only  (101 & 102)
Intro and Pain and Topical only (101 & 103)
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Advanced Training Options

201 - Anxiety, agitation strategies for memory care using massage, acupressure and essential oils  (Prerequisites 101 & 103)

bracket-br-32x32.png202 - Acupressure and essential oils for pain  (Prerequisites 101 & 103)



What Jodi's Clients Are Saying . . .

An email for the Aroma therapy Champion – Cindy Gall at Wishik Living Center
“Well we just had our annual survey from the health dept. They LOVED, LOVED, LOVED our essential oil program! They raved about our documentation and results they were able to see in the charts. They had all kinds of questions for us about training, what types of oils we use. They are taking back this information to their State department and sharing with their administration. The team told us they have never been in a building that has used oils like we are. They encouraged us to keep using them! Whoo Hoo!!!!!  My administrator Greg was very happy to hear this”. 

Julie, RN, BSN, Clinical Aromatherapist
"We use Jodi's patches in our all our hospitals. There has been an incredible response for symptom relief including nausea, pain and anxiety using aromatherapy patches!