Diffusers and Inhalers

Choose from personal inhalers to take with you or The Ultrasonic Diffuser for your home, bedroom, daycare, office, yoga studio, or anywhere you want the benefits of aromatherapy - without wasting your oils or messy cleanup.

Ultrasonic Diffuser - H2EO

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This is the perfect diffuser for your home, bedroom, day care, office, yoga studio, massage office, senior care — anywhere you want the benefit of aromatherapy — without the hassle.  Watch video for how operating, cleaning information...
Aroma Inhaler - Refillable

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Red Only!Lovely, sleek personal diffusers designed for on the go stress relief, discrete uses on airplaines, or at work. Allows you to deeply inhale essential oil molecules, without "sharing" your aroma with others. This beautiful diffuser is refillable,...