Aromatherapy Consultations + Training - For Health Care Professionals

I provide the program so YOU can care for your patients.

I blend my years of experience as a Certified Clinical Aromatherapist, Educator, and Integrative Therapist to deliver evidence-based, compliant, and sustainable aromatherapy programs into health care settings.

From a simple start up or pilot program, to comprehensive programs for you health care facility, I customize to what your needs are. I work with hospitals, nursing homes, hospices, mental health, and oncology centers who offer aromatherapy to their patients for easing symptoms.

A complimentary half hour consultation over the phone is your first step to answer any questions about my training and consulting services.  

For detailed information about my programs, visit the Aromatherapy in Health Care page

Or call Jodi at 612.802.9483 or email at if you prefer.


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