Providing Aromatherapy Consulting and Training Programs For Hospitals, Nursing Homes, Oncology Centers, Mental Health, & More


I blend my years of experience as a Certified Clinical Aromatherapist, Educator and Integrative Therapist, to deliver evidence-based, compliant and sustainable aromatherapy programs into health care settings.

I provide the program so YOU can care for your patients.
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Start up decisions, policy needs, defining uses, selecting oils and methods of delivery - where do you begin? I can help you thru the first phase of planning and approval. We can work together online, or onsite to bring your program into action. Next question - How will you implement and train staff? 

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We have several options for staff education and training ensure a successful program. Training can be provided onsite, via live webinar or in our Online Learning Management system for on demand access to training materials. Monthly live webinars for clients using our training programs will keep information fresh and deepen skills.
Customized training available.

Programs include:


We provide a full range of ready to use topical massage oils, professional quality essential oilsinhalers, and diffusers. We also offer Bioesse Technologies Aromatherapy Inhalation Patches containing Jodi Baglien's professionally formulated blends. Patches can be purchased alone or with staff education that includes detailed information for staff about the use of the patch in clinical care setting.  See Patch training programs above.


One of the biggest problems my clients face . . .

Is understanding what it takes to develop an aromatherapy program within best practices of Clinical Aromatherapy. Like many things, you don't know, what you don't know, until you begin!

I know what it takes to implement a professional, cost effective program in large and small organizations.

In health care settings safety and intelligent use of essential oils is critical. Utilizing the expertise of a Certified Aromatherapist ensures proper selection of oils to use, safety protocols, and a well thought out and successful program within the best practices of this unique therapy.

I provide the program so YOU can care for your patients.


Does Aromatherapy really work?

I can confidently answer - Yes! Aromatherapy works!  With skillful use and proper training for you staff, using quality oils, carefully selected for your population, with appropriate and safe methods of administration.

The overall goal is to simply reduce stress and reduce the use of drugs. Stress manifests in mood and sleep disruptions, muscle tension and pain, and some digestive complaints to name a few.

Aromatherapy talks to our limbic system through its own language of chemistry. Essential oils are molecules with messages. Our brains read and understand  the plants language of simple chemistry.  For example, consider how we respond to the smell of fire with a bio chemical change in our bodies. Our nervous systems respond by sending a hormonal response of increased adrenaline  also known as fight or flight.

In this same way our smell receptors read the messages from essential oils molecules. Depending on the essential oil we are smelling,  our autonomic nervous system responds accordingly through our hormonal response system releasing appropriate responses. Increased levels of oxytocin and other relaxing feel good hormones are released. Smell is a powerful influencer of our moods and emotions!

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