We Provide Evidence Based, Compliant and Sustainable Aromatherapy Programs Proven to Deliver Successful Results!

Allow me to provide the program so YOU can care for your patients.

In health care settings, safe and intelligent use of essential oils is critical. Utilizing the expertise of a Certified Clinical Aromatherapist ensures the proper selection of essential oils, and safety protocols, all within the best practices of this unique skilled therapy.

I blend 16 years of clinical and therapeutic experience providing a reliable and holistic system so YOU can care for your patients.

Our programs have the potential to:

  • Improve your quality measures
  • Reduce the use of antipsychotic medications
  • Reduce pain scores
  • Enhance the overall quality of residents lives


An Overview of Your Options




Are you ready to begin improving patient satisfaction? Aromatherapy Patches are perfect for Healthcare organizations who want to begin their program focused on our innovative Aromatherapy Patches. Each self-adhesive inhalation patch combines patented technology and uses 100% pure essential oils. Aromatherapy Patches are proven to deliver consistent, therapeutic benefits. Professional staff education training and consultation are available to ensure proper use and outcomes. Click here for more information.



The Comprehensive Core Program is a complete training program that provides both consulting and staff education for nursing homes and long-term care facilities. This program is offered onsite or via live web conference. The complete online option is coming soon! See why other Healthcare leaders are choosing this route to reduce the use of psychotropic drugs. Click here for more information.



Provide expertise for start-up decisions, policy needs, defining uses, selecting oils and methods of delivery are all areas to consider at the beginning of implementation.  Also available for one on one aromatherapy problem solving and care planning for individuals needs. 
Click here for more information.

Let me help you decide which is right for you!

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