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Our Aromatherapy patch is the simplest and safest delivery method to bring aromatherapy to your patients. Utilized by hospitals, oncology centers, MRI centers, hospices, and nursing homes who are leading the way to provide non-pharmaceutical options to support pain management, alleviate stress, and ease nausea. Aromatherapy Patches are proven to deliver consistent, therapeutic benefits.

Simply stick it on and see the benefits!

  • Patented sustained release technology - lasts up to 8 hours
  • Inhalation only - no dermal contact
  • No overwhelming aroma for others
  • Individually packaged for single serve use  
  • 100% pure essential oils grown and distilled for therapeutic use
  • Professionally formulated blends, for optimal enjoyment and outcomes.

One of the biggest problems my clients face is . . .


Seeing the big picture - what it really takes to start a quality aromatherapy program and deliver it within the best practices of Clinical Aromatherapy. It's more than most think!

Maybe you already have admin buy in? Great!

Now you need estimated costs of training and product, create a policy, vet suppliers, figure out which oils meet your therapeutic goals, and decide how you will deliver it. Next, you are on to developing staff education materials, train staff, roll out the program. Do you have time to put this all together, and make sure it passes inspections?

Maybe you know a decent amount about aromatherapy, but feel unqualified or under prepared to create a whole program for your facility. Or, maybe you’ve even considered becoming certified in aromatherapy, but that takes about 350 hours of education, and you still don’t have a “program you can implement.”

Time to inhale some Mandarin, relax and let me help YOU be the Integrative Therapies Hero!  

You don't have to do it alone!


As a pioneer on the front lines of this field, I have a proven track record of success and results! Click here to view.

Allow me to be your expert Clinical Aromatherapist and provide you with the start up support, staff education program and quality products you need and want for your patients. More about Jodi

Large hospital or small clinic - the needs and goals are the same.  Improve patient experience and care.


Is your program stalled?


Let's assume you have buy in, funding, and lot's of motivation to get this ball rolling! But your program is stalled because of time constraints, or limited knowledge of Clinical Aromatherapy's best practices.

You probably have questions like - Do we need a doctor's orders? Are we measuring outcomes, and if so, what are we observing to measure? How do I asses and approve the use essential oils?
The internet is full of confusing information about aromatherapy. And you need credible information and referrals from a nursing perspective.

This I know for certain -
Aromatherapy is a skilled therapy and should be treated as such.

Here's an inside-view of what I've seen happening with Aromatherapy, when using a DIY approach in Healthcare .

  • Lavender delivered on a cotton ball is not an aromatherapy program
  • The person who knew about aromatherapy has left, and so did the information and experience
  • Some delivery methods are complicated, time consuming, and have an overwhelming aroma for others
  • You are tired of playing hide and seek to find your patients aroma sticks or dripping oils on to cotton balls and taping them onto gowns
  • Your current knowledge was pieced together from essential oil companies sales reps, or a Pinterest board
  • You started a program on your own, it's going okay, but now it's time to take it to the next level - and pass inspections!



Our Aromatherapy Patch Training Program Details...


Consulting: Your program begins here. One hour is included in the program for guidance through the internal decisions, process and procedures. We offer a sample policy and patient education materials.

Once your internal decisions are made, you are ready for staff education. We provide a 1-hour online learning module and printed guides for quick access to information.
If you want Jodi live on site, or for a live webinar - ask how.

Program includes 200 patches of any mix, based on your therapeutic goals and up to 4 sample bottles, of each patch type selected for staff sampling. And yes, the patches come with the SDS sheets you need!

Cost for the above program: $699

Continued Program Costs?  None other than resupplying the patches. Patches cost $1.65 each when purchased in quantities of 150 and more.


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