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Improve Your Patient's Satisfaction Scores

Regions Hospital (Saint Paul MN) - Surgical Unit pilot study on the use of Jodi Baglien’s Aromatherapy Patches recorded 367 survey responses on patient satisfaction

  • 86% found the Aromatherapy Patch to be helpful for the intended purpose
  • 87% said that having an Aromatherapy Patch enhanced the surgical experience
  • 94% said that Aromatherapy Patches should continue to be offered to patients

 Read about how Jodi implemented essential oils into inpatient and outpatient settings. Northfield Hospital + Clinic (Northfield MN) - Aromatherapy enhances patients' experience


Case Studies - Patches in Action!

Case studies will be added soon - please check back!


What our customers are saying...

“Jodi played an instrumental part in getting aromatherapy started at our hospital. Her expertise in aromatherapy and passion for the field were evident – she helped us create education that addressed questions about aromatherapy use in a hospital setting. Our patients and staff love it!” Renee @ Regions Hospital, St. Paul MN

"One of our patients at our Cancer Center had not been able to sleep well for months. We gave her the "Rested Patch". When she returned the next morning for treatment, she told our nurse it was the first time she had slept through the night in months" - Lisa @ Wilmer Regional Cancer Center

"We chose Jodi because of her experience in health care implementation. She knew what we needed to do to get started. Our program was thorough, clear and easy to get started. We are already seeing great results, our staff and residents love it." - Jenny @ Bethel Health Care