Shiatsu Therapy  - with Jane 


The aim of Shiatsu is to move energy and restore balance, which assists the body to heal itself.

The Therapist uses hand and finger pressure - to your comfort level, stretching and tapping along the meridians and acupuncture points. 

While massaging along the meridians, we can feel and open areas where Qi (energy) may be blocked causing the symptoms you may be experiencing.  Most imbalances show up as stress related symptoms of anxiety, insomnia, fatigue, mood, digestion issues, headaches or body pain. 

Shiatsu Therapy does not require you to undress. This allows you to receive assisted stretching and range of motion exercises to address joint tension and pain is needed.

Since Jane is trained in both traditional  Swedish Massage and Reflexology, your session can be tailored to your preferences and therapeutic goals.

End result? You'll feel relaxed yet energized, enjoy reduced stress hormones - and people may like you better!

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Massage Therapy - with Jane

Enjoy the relaxation and therapeutic benefits of Swedish Therapeutic Massage. Our highly skilled Massage Therapist provides a nurturing, therapeutic session to unwind and rejuvenate your tired bones.  Jane is trained in both traditional western Massage, Shiatsu as well as reflexology - your session can be tailored to your preferences and therapeutic goals.


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