'Comprehensive Core Training' Programs are The Top Choice for Nursing Homes & Long Term Care

Be a part of Culture Change! Join the growing community of Skilled Nursing facilities who are trying new approaches for person centered care. Aromatherapy is proven to significantly reduce stress, pain and anxiety, improve cognitive function, and brighten someones day. Staff and families appreciate the ability to provide a more holistic health care experience!

Benefits to Residents

  • Natural option to reduce anxiety in Dementia and Alzheimer's care
  • Shown to improve mental cognition, alertness, memory function
  • Enhances respiratory function, circulation, and appetite
  • Promotes restful sleep, may help to reduce falls
  • Creates a welcoming, well being environment for all.

“Smell and Touch are powerful messengers and penetrate the mind fog, when words can not”.
(MacMohan & Kermode 1998) from Jane Buckle, PhD, RN  Clinical Aromatherapy

Ready to Start an Aromatherapy Program?

I know what it takes to implement an effective and safe program designed to meet the needs and therapeutic goals or your residents.
Safety, staff education, and intelligent use are critical in health care settings.
Let us help you in meeting your quality improvement measures, reduce the use of anti psychotic medications, and provide a complete program that you can be proud of during survey!

The Comprehensive Core Program is implemented in three phases -

Phase 1 - Consulting - Where do you start? I provide clear steps to making the internal process and procedure decisions, to prepare your team for training and program roll out

Phase 2 - Staff Training - Professionally designed by Certified Aromatherapist, meets best practices of Clinical Aromatherapy. Practical and hands on to get your staff ready and enthusiastic

Phase 3 - Program Implementation - After training comes the fun part. Putting your program o the floor, we stick with you!

Training Program can be delivered: onsite, via live webinar, or coming soon -  Web Based Training, for on demand access to training materials.  

Typical results from the Nursing Homes I work with . . .

    • 30%- 60% reduction in the use of psychotropic drugs for behaviors in Nursing Homes.
    • Staff, families and residents enjoy pleasing aromas, and report a sense of well-being and reduced stress.
    • Topical use of oils effective for reducing general pain complaints - a recent case study using comfort massage oil:  decreased use of Tramadol from 13 x's in 10 days to 6 x's in 10 days.
    • Numerous stories of how the oils have deeply touched and helped residents and patients. Please ask for referrals!

Aromatherapy Patch Training

patch-gown-man-300.jpgBegin or enhance your existing Aromatherapy program with one simple method of use - the Aromatherapy Inhalation Patch. Patches are the preferred delivery method of essential oils by Nurses for busy hospitals and nursing facilities. We can provide consulting for program development and decision making as well provide staff education that can be delivered to your staff in a  variety of ways to meet your needs.

If you have questions about the Inhalation Patches, please read All About Patches

Training to Meet Your Needs

Option 1 - Quick Start Patch Training Package

Option 2 - Quick Start Patch Training Package with CONSULTING SUPPORT


What Jodi's Clients Are Saying . . .

"We use Jodi's patches in our all our hospitals in the Twin Cities. There has been an incredible response for symptom relief including nausea, pain and anxiety using aromatherapy patches!
Julie, RN, BSN, Clinical Aromatherapist

 "One of our patients at our Cancer Center had not been able to sleep well for months. We gave her the "Rested Patch". When she returned the next morning for treatment, she told our nurse it was the first time she had slept through the night in months" Lisa @ Wilmer Regional Cancer Center

"I just have to tell you, the VA survey process is just finishing up here today and they LOVE the aromatherapy program. They LOVE the patches the most - they mentioned the Aromatherapy Patches showed "dignity" compared to gauze or cotton balls taped to shirts".  Alicia, RN, CCP, RAC-CT  Veterans Home