Join our growing community of skilled nursing facilities who are effectively using essential oil therapies to reduce anti-psychotic drugs + improve quality measures + patient satisfaction scores.

The results are in! The Aromatherapy Core Program is the top choice for healthcare professionals looking to enhance their offerings while focusing on person-centered care.

"We were triggering much too high in the area of psychotropic medications, we were triggering at 34%. We were advised to look at alternative programs for our facility. After Jodi's Aromatherapy program our percentage is now at 10.2% which is amazing!" - Cindy G. - Wishek Living Center

ccc-infographic-detail4.pngDIY Aromatherapy Programs in Healthcare? 

Perhaps you've already tried a "Do It Yourself" (DIY) approach to test the waters. There is a tremendous amount of information aimed at the general public about aromatherapy, much of it is confusing and conflicts with the evidence based approach and resources you need in healthcare settings. There is a large gap between what a Professional Aromatherapy program will provide compared to general population uses of essential oils.


Here is an insiders view of what I've seen happening with Aromatherapy when using a DIY approach in healthcare:

  • Thinking Lavender delivered on a cotton ball is an aromatherapy program.
  • Staff uncertainty as to which oils to select based on symptoms, or how they interact with patient's health conditions or medications. (i.e. putting Cinnamon in the diffuser at Christmas time - don't do that!)
  • Staff or residents complaining about overwhelming aroma.
  • Someone on staff "knows a little about essential oils" and they are directing your oil choices and methodology.
  • The person who knew about Aromatherapy has left, and so did the information, commitment and experience.
  • Perhaps, you started a using oils on your own. It is going okay, but now it's time to take it to the next level, measure outcomes, get better results, and pass survey inspections!

This I know for certain, Aromatherapy is a skilled therapy and should be treated as such in Healthcare settings.

 ccc-infographic-detail2.pngThere is a better way! You and the people you serve, deserve it.

In The Aromatherapy Core Program, we've addressed these issues. We make it easy to implement a proven system. we provide expert consulting, on- boarding, and staff education to simplify the process of getting a new program stared quickly and efficiently.

With years of experience as a Certified Clinical Aromatherapist, and Holistic Practitioner, I know what it takes to use essential oils intelligently and withing the best practices of Clinical Aromatherapy in Healthcare settings. As a pioneer on the front lines of this field, I have a proven track record of success and results. Click here to view 

If you're looking for better outcomes, it's time to incorporate Aromatherapy.



We are confident that our program has the potential to improve quality measures, reduce the use of anti-psychotic medications, lower pain scores, and enhance the overall quality of residents lives.


Our 3 Step Process:






Frequently Asked Questions

What do we do in the consulting phase?

We step you through the internal decisions and help you gain the approvals you need. We define your process and procedures before we begin the Staff Education phase. You'll be ready to implement after training, have your policy, clearly defined goals, how to measure outcomes, and much more.

How do we meet to consult?

We use Zoom, an online video conference channel for our consultations . Once you sign up, you'll receive a link to schedule a time that's convenient for you and your team. simple as that. 

How is the training delivered?
We are proud to offer our new state-of0the-art online learning platform. We've put an incredible amount of attention to detail into creating the program in a way that makes it easy and enjoyable to use.

You will have online, on-demand access to the entire 8-hour training program for your facility. All lessons are recorded with audio, we include practical videos on care planning, and interactive learning exercises that will prepare your staff to deliver essential oils with confidence.

Your facility has unlimited access to the training materials so that you can train new staff members as the come onboard.
If you are interested in live on-site training from Jodi, please inquire for additional details and fees.

Who is the training targeted for?

We have developed this training to meet a variety of education needs including Nursing, Hospice, Therapeutic Rec, Activities, Mental Health, and Memory Care.
You'll be able to have the security of your very own Aromatherapy Advocate by your side to ensure that your facility reaps the maximum benefits.

What essential oils do you use?
In order to provide the most accurate information about the quality of the essential oils we use in our healthcare programs, I have sourced and formulated my own own line of essential oils for almost 20 years. They are time tested!  I have built long term relationships with my suppliers who provide oils for therapeutic healing work. The GC/MS reports are available for you upon request. I use oils that are energetically, aromatically and chemically aligned with my work. It would be most difficult to provide accurate information about other companies blends, formulas, therapeutic actions, and GC testing.


Staff Wellness Class - This is my pet project of mine, to help care for the caregivers. This module is dedicated to the health and well being of your staff! We want to help them manage stress, learn how to use essential oils for themselves. And to make sure staff has access to oils , we include a "Staff Only" kit of essential oils and supplies just for them!
When our caregivers are healthy and balanced, everyone benefits.

Support Staff Snapshot - A shorter version of the program to easily and quickly train the team on the floor with 'need to know' only information to get them up to speed fast!

Discounts on Product - We provide a 10% discount on most of our essential oil products to both the facility and offer this same discount to your staff. Instructions on how to receive the discount are included in the program.


  • A complete Aromatherapy Core Program Quick Guide for fast and easy reference
  • A diffuser FAQs and Tips
  • Contraindications with Essential Oils Guide
  • Safety Data Sheets


Our goal is your success . . .

We take this very seriously and are with you throughout the process.

How do you find out more or get started?

Email me at,
or schedule your complimentary discovery call today!

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What Clients Are Saying . . .

"We rated our overall stress level at our home a 10! Now, after bringing Jodi's Core Aromatherapy Program into our home, we all agree it's 3"! - Marilyn C. Thorn Crest Senior Living Community

"I just have to tell you, the VA survey process is just finishing up here today and they LOVE the aromatherapy program. I also wanted to give you our Quality measure number of anti-psychotic medication use. In January of 2016 it was 87%, our number in June of 2017 was down to 36%! Awesome!!. - Alicia, RN, CCP, RAC-CT  Veterans Home