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Great for cleansing healing spaces, smelly places, and any place you find old stagnant, stale energy hanging around. Cleanse – clear - reset. Best uses in ultra sonic diffusers, sprays for misting people, things, small areas, in healing sessions when clearing energy on people. Proprietary blend with cedarwood, mountain sage, lemon, eucalyptus, sweet orange.


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2 Reviews

Jonel Staht 30th May 2015

For everything

I love this product and use it daily with animals in the house.
It doesn't make odors it clears them and is pleasant to smell at the same time.
A few drops in a spray bottle with water and this will last a long time.
Clears kitchen odors, pet odors, bathroom odors - fantastic stuff!

Cindy 17th Sep 2013

Best Clearing Oil without the Smoke

This is the best oil for clearing energy, space and emotions. For those of us who can no longer tolerate the smoke of a smudge, this oil is a blessing. I use it for everything including blessing food, clearing my living space and cleansing stones. Mixing in a little Pink Lotus can really change the vibration of a room, item or even oneself.

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