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Holistically - the approach to living with allergies is to either avoid the allergen when possible, or to minimize the symptoms. Since avoiding certain allergens is not always possible - aromatherapy may help to make you more comfortable. Helpful oils for allergy symptoms will contain therapeutic actions that may help to mediate inflammation, and certain oils are reported to have a anti histamine effect.  This formula has been shown to help relieve allergy symptoms. Proprietary blend with Tea Tree, Blue Tansy, Myrtle..., diluted to 10% in fractionated coconut oil.

Allergy Blend is also helpful for asthma and other respiratory conditions where there is inflammation.

Best uses: 

  • Rinse nose often during allergy season with Neti Pot or other nasal irrigation
  • Dab the ready to use version of Allergy Blend (Allergy Ready To Use) blend into nose.  Apply along cheekbones, and across forehead.
  • Use with Natural Salt Inhaler
  • Make a inhaler with Allergy blend and carry with you to use throughout the day. Inhalers can be purchased here.

Happy customer comment...." I wanted to tell you that the allergy essential oil works for me. We are now in CO where things are dry. Using the oil inside my nasal passages really helps. It works in IA too! You are a healer!"
Nicky M


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