Basil ct. linalool (Egypt)

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Commonly used for — Basil is fresh, tonifying, and moves energy. Enjoy basil by itself or blended citrus oils, also nice with geranium.  Basil is excellent for the mental fatigue and built up tension from too much mental activity - or screen time on your computer!.  If you have noticed that you "mentally chew" your day at night, try basil in the recipe below.  This is a high linalool content basil and is gentler to use than other types of Basil.

Aroma — Fresh, sweet spicy, anise like, sharp, balsamic woody undertone.

Energetics — Warms and tones Qi. (Holmes)

Latin Name — Ocimum basilicum

Country of Origin — Egypt

Cultivation Method — non sprayed

Extraction Method — steam distilled from from flowers and leaves

 Cautions — Basil c.t. linalool safer to skin than Basil with high methyl chavicol.

Recipe — Mental Strain

    • 6 drops basil
    • 2 drop clary sage
    • 2 drop rose otto

Blend oils and add to 1 tsp carrier oil. Apply a drop to fingertips, press and hold press the Third Eye Point, directly between the eyebrows, to improve concentration. Apply along the base of the skull, on each side of the spine, on the ropey muscles. Press and hold for releasing stress, burnout, heavy head feeling.


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