Black Pepper (Madagascar)

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Commonly used for - Muscular aches, stiffness, great for stimulating circulation and may help to warm cold limbs. Also used for digestion complaints, may stimulate appetite, eases tightly held anger and frustration.
Popular uses of black pepper include making an inhaler to use when quitting smoking. 10 drops on the inhaler wick, inhale from mouth - some find this gets them through the craving for a cigarette.

 Aroma — Spicy, warm, fresh, pungent, dry

Latin Name — Piper nigrum

Country of Origin — Madagascar

Cultivation method- Non sprayed

Extraction method — CO2 Extraction from fruit

Cautions — May be irritating to skin, use in low dilutions. Not suggested for bath. Prone to oxidation will be more irritating to skin if oxidized.

Recipe — Stimulating Rub for muscle

  • 6 drop Black pepper
  • 6 drop Rosemary
  • 3 drop Lemon

Add oils to 1 ounce cream, gel or carrier oil. Topical use for massage, to ease pain,or for warming muscle.

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