It's Not Just The Oil You Choose -

It's how you use it!
The art of aromatherapy asks you to consider - "how" you deliver the oil, not just, "which oil do I use for this?" . . .

When teaching caregivers aromatherapy skills, I take time to teach about intention. We talk about holding a "vision of bliss", and the frequency of love for the person you are caring for, and don't forget about holding for yourself! 

Help them visualize their "happy place",  instead of simply handing them a cotton ball with an essential oil on it. Help them use their imagination - try a favorite spot in nature, sunshine or remember loved ones, these are always a safe bet!

Within the demands of caring for someone, we often we loose sight of the powerful skills of imagery, intention, and love, within the busy - ness of our days or tasks to be done. 

Try these tips for a more mindful approach in the use of essential oils:

  • Check the environment. Quiet or music? Temperature, lighting, appropriate? Be in a comfortable position. Relax your body, put your feet on the floor or lie down.
  • Select an appropriate essential oil for your purpose, but also one that you enjoy the aroma of. It should make you say "ahh..." Maybe Rose or Jasmine reminds you of a Grandmother, perhaps Rosemary equates to delicious, fresh baked bread, or citrus's like Lemon or Mandarin remind you of a clean home. Find your happy aroma!
  • Choose your method of enjoying your aroma, inhaler, diffuser, applying it topically  (diluted of course). Choose a method that works for the situation you are using it in.
  • Now, just breathe, and hold a vision of bliss, pure joy, with no expectation of outcome. Picture your happy place, your "desired feeling", marry this to the aroma.   Practice this!  It may take time to create.
  • If your mind drifts, re-center, allow yourself a moment of quiet. The nervous system will relax as you inhale the aroma. Resulting in heightened sensory awareness. Ask yourself, how do you FEEL? Aroma brings you to your emotions first - not logical thought.

That is HOW you work with aroma for change!  It's LOVE, INTENTION, BREATHING, and helping others feel better. 

With this in mind, we want to share with you the Love Button Movement ! The Love Button Movement is about having a visual reminder and a second button to pass along to the next person - as a way of paying love forward.
Love heals, it can transform communities, empower and heal us.

We hope this inspires you to hold this intention within using essential oils!

- Jodi & Maya Baglien (my budding aromatherapist daughter / office manager)