Namaste, Americans

It's a Wild, Wild Ride. . .
Is it over yet?
Our current state of affairs in America is creating a field of unstable, chaotic energy.
Opinions abound, people are polarizing and further dividing from those who don't agree with their views and opinions...
While others are finding their voice and strength to SPEAK UP as demonstrated by the Women's March this weekend, and many other political activism groups.

Here is what I know for sure. . .
Our situation is a reflection of what we have created this far-
so that we can decide who we are
and what kind of future we want to create.

In my own seeking to find clarity about what is happening - I went to 

my trusted spiritual mentors and resources.

This - Kryon Article - is a spiritual perspective of what we signed up for here on classroom Earth, and it brought me peace. I hope it does for you too.

My take away - we choose this "big wild card stir stick" 25% of the country elected, to stir up the pot. How else would you get people to take action like we are? It's up to us to react, respond, change, and create something new, how to unite instead of divide, and work together for the betterment of all.

Now back to Aromatherapy and some thoughts from the plant kingdom...I pulled a card from my "Shusta Cards" that I use and got this...

"Maintain serenity through balanced thinking, you have everything you need inside to feel safe and nurtured."
And from my Aromatherapy Insight cards.. we asked "what oil would help to help us feel safe and nurtured?

We got - Myrrh (see photo)

Here is the reading - "Remove mundane thoughts and be inspired by what is possible. Tap into your dreams and visions to release a liberating strength and awareness. Be curious, seeing only possibility. Myrrh helps you be still and grounded while being inspired so that you can manifest your dreams".
Reading is from "aromatherapy insight cards" by Jennifer Jeffries ND - and no I don't have any to sell, sorry.