Cedarwood (Morocco)

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Commonly used for - Oh so many things!   First of all, why do we line closets and storage areas with Cedarwood?  To keep out the critters! 
Include this oil in your luggage when you travel, and hopefully you won't come home with unwanted friends.
Commonly used in blends for sore muscles, lymphatic drainage,  bronchitis, cellulite and dandruff. Gives strength & comfort, great grounding and centering oil.

Aroma - Woodsy, sweet, soft, earthy, grounding aroma

Energetics -  Tonify Qi, drains cold damp.  Warm, dry.

 Latin Name — Cedrus atlantica

Country of Origin — Morocco

Organic Certification — Organic

 Cautions — None

Recipe - Protect

  • 5 ml cedarwood
  • balsa wood as needed

Soak small light weight pieces of balsa wood, or other light wood thoroughly with cedarwood oil.   Place in a natural fiber, breathable fabric (or leave open, just be careful where you place the oil soaked wood) Put in closets, drawers anywhere you would like to "keep things away"...

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2 Reviews

Liz Burke 4th Sep 2016

Lovely cedarwood

Jodi's EOs are the best. Always come thru for me, no matter the use.

Teresa 15th Oct 2015

Cedarwood oil

I have ordered this product before and it has become one of my favorites! Smells very earthy and sweet. I love it!

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