Cinnamon, Leaf (Madagascar)

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Commonly used for - as a powerful anti infectious and anti fungal oil that is warming and stimulating. For the body make sure you dilute to 1-2% for adult use. We do not recommend use of cinnamon leaf or bark, on children under 6.  Emotionally cinnamon encourages strength, relieves long held tension, steadies nerves.
(M.Green). Esoterically used to pull long held "frozen" feelings out into the open.

Aroma - Milder than the bark, smoother, sweet, spicy.

Latin Name — Cinnamomom zeylanicum

Country of Origin — Madagascar

Cultivation method - Certified Organic

Extraction method — Steam distilled

Cautions — Skin Irritant. Use diluted only, less than 3%. Do not use during pregnancy or on children under 6 unless supervised by an aromatherapist. May inhibit blood clotting, avoid if on blood thinners. May induce menstruation. 

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