Clary Sage (France)

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Commonly used for - A true woman's remedy use to revitalize, strengthen and RELAX the mind. One of the best stress busters for overall tension and stress. Many recipes include clary sage for supporting the female reproductive system, and relief from menstrual cramps,  Blend with geranium essential oil for a foot bath during menopause, PMS symptoms or just to relax. (Holmes). Used in child birth to relax.

Aroma - Heady, euphoric, sweet, herbaceous, green, high sclareol content.

Energetics - Neutral to cool, dry.

Latin Name — Salvia sclarea

Country of Origin — France

Organic Certification — Organic

Cautions — Do not use during pregnancy, or with hormone related cancers.

Recipe - Dream on

  • 2 drops Rose otto or absolute
  • 4 drops Bergamot
  • 2 drops Clary Sage

Mix with 1 tsp fractionated coconut oil for topical.  Place and hold on wrists, hold tight on the pinky side of your wrist, right under the little bone, at the writs crease.  Calms, balances a weary mind.

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