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Aromatherapy Consultations -  For Your Self or Loved Ones

Professional support for yourself or your loved ones for physical, mental or emotional well being. We can work over the phone, in my studio or live online appointments. I view your health holistically - and can offer guidance, identify old patterns, suggest lifestyle changes to improve your well being, as desired.

Why a Consult for Aromatherapy?
Essential oils are highly concentrated, potent,  and require skilled use especially babies, children, elderly or frail, those on medications, in chemo, allergies, or highly sensitive. As a practitioner trained in the science and art of aromatherapy, Chinese medicine, and energetic work, I do not make recommendations of what oils to use, without a consult, for safety and ethical reasons.
A 60 min consultation includes:

    • Intake of your symptoms and health history, including medications and conditions  (60 min session only)
    • Identify your goals, needs and expectations
    • Select the safest and most effective oils, based on your body's needs
    • Teach you how to the oils specific to your symptoms, how much, how often, and when to stop
    • Discuss any safety information, and answer your questions

A 30 minute consultation includes:

    • Identify your goals, needs, symptoms - review health history
    • Select the safest and most effective oils
    • Teach you how to the oils specific to your symptoms, how much, how often, and when to stop
    • Discuss any safety issues and answer your questions

Please note - I do not diagnose or treat disease or prescribe medications. I work with your symptoms - sleep, anxiety, nausea, agitation, pain, skin conditions, allergies, emotional / spiritual support - and strive to bring balance to underlying imbalances.
We work to restore balance, ease symptoms and create well being within your ability to do so.

Aromatherapy Consultations + Training For Health Care Professionals
From simple start up,  to comprehensive for you health care facility. I work with hospitals, nursing homes, hospices, mental health, and oncology centers who offer aromatherapy to their patients for easing symptoms. Set up a FREE Consult with me to answer your questions about my training and consulting services.
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For more info about my programs Aromatherapy in Health Care page 

**Please Note: Due to time constraints Jodi is not offering this service in Spring 2018. Will resume later in the year. Thank you for your understanding.

Aroma Acupoint Therapy (AAT)- with Jodi in Studio only


AAT is a profoundly effective hands on treatment. Based on your condition / symptoms, we stimulate the acupoints with an oil based on it's energetic activity - and lightly apply them to selected acupoints and reflex zones of the body.  The oils create a resonance with the meridian system - encouraging and directing the flow of energy to bring balance back to your system. Much like an acupuncture treatment, but without the needles!

What to expect in a session

    • * To determine the best treatment protocol based on your system and symptoms - a detailed intake will begin your first session.  Follow up appointments allow for a shorter check in of symptoms, and more time on the table.
    • Integration of light relaxing shiatsu massage, breathing techniques, energy work, music,  may be included in your treatment
    • Your treatment is amplified bythe Amethyst Bio-mat on the table. Infrared heat and negative ion fields which moves stagnant energy, blood, lymphatic fluids and Qi.
    • Wear loose comfortable cotton clothing if possible.  I use gentle, light touch to hold the oils on the points and will need to access these points.
    • We further support your treatment  with our "Living Water" to re hydrate your tissues with structured purified living water to hydrate your cells! 

Your session will be unique to YOU, and when needed will include written take home instructions for self care to maintain the benefits of your session. 
*Please Note - A 60 min. appointment is recommended for your first visit.  30 min. appointments are great for follow ups.

AAT is great for children! 
Helpful for stress related issues, anxiety, depression, trouble focusing in school, fatigue etc. Wi
thin a few sessions, I can teach the child or the parent how to apply the oils on the points so you can do this at home! 

I am all about self care and want you to know how to help yourself!
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