Essential Oil Blends


- grown and distilled for therapeutic use from ethical, sustainable sources.

Aroma - it musts pass the GC/MS test for purity - and also my nose!

Intention - each bottle is poured with the intention of bringing love and the highest good to all who use it.  

Organic?  Each single note oil description states if it is certified organic, organic, wild crafted or non sprayed.

Strength? - Blends are full strength (no carrier oils)  formulated by a certified clinical aromatherapist (Jodi).  Full strength Blends are like having the stock blend that you can use in your ultra sonic diffuser, for making your own massage oils, sprays, inhalers, etc. at the strength you desire. Remember to dilute properly with a carrier oil for topical use.

*Always dilute for children under 6, elderly or frail, pregnant women, people with sensitive skin, highly medicated.