Fennel, Sweet (Egypt)

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Commonly used for -  digestive complaints, cleansing, increases movement in intestines. Also helpful to balance the appetite.  Great addition to blends for body wraps, detox blends, helps move fluids. Have used this for PMS blends with geranium and clary sage to help with bloating and sluggish feelings.

Aroma - Like licorice, sweet, rich, peppery, earthy

Energetic - Warming, drying. Tones stomach, dries damp,

Latin Name — Foeniculum vulgare

Country of Origin — Egypt

Organic Certification — Organic

 Cautions — Do not use on children younger than 6, or if you have epilepsy. Can be irritating to skin.

Recipe - Settle

  • 2 drops fennel
  • 2 drops ginger
  • 1 drop peppermint

Inhale deeply to help settle upset stomach, improve digestion after a full meal. Add to 1 tsp carrier oil and massage clockwise around the stomach. Apply to Acupoint: Stomach 36, press and hold, move energy downward to reinvigorate you whole body.

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