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A topical natural approach for stubborn fungus issues on skin or nails or other household uses where fungus or molds are a problem  like mildewy basements, showers, shoes...  Can be used as a spray for household areas prone to mildew, use in diffuser for ongoing improvement (buy the synergy- undiluted oils - for diffuser use). Proprietary blend with palmarosa, manuka, spike lavender, thyme, oregano & cinnamon. Diluted to 20% with fractionated coconut oil. May be irritating to skin. Use in lower dilution for prolonged use topically, for children or elderly.


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1 Review

Kelly 19th Aug 2018

Fungus Away

This worked great on some stubborn toenail fungus I had. I am sending to a family member who has been struggling with it since it worked so well for me!

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