The Professional Approach to Bringing
Aromatherapy into Healthcare

We provide evidence based, compliant, and sustainable Aromatherapy training programs for both lead and support staff.  Experienced and proven to ensure that you can achieve successful outcomes for those you care for! 

With 20 years of experience behind me as a pioneer in developing aromatherapy-training programs for people just like you, I can help make your program happen.

In health care settings, safe and intelligent use of essential oils is critical. 

Our programs are proven to:

  • Improve quality measures
  • Provide a non drug option to help reduce the use of anti-psychotic medications
  • Improve patient satisfaction and quality of care
  • Support pain management, reduce stress and anxiety, ease nausea
  • Enhance the overall quality of life for residents, patients and staff!

Aromatherapy Training Program Options




Nurses agree, our Aromatherapy Inhalation Patches are the simplest and safest method to bring essential oils to your patients. Our Aromatherapy Patch Training Program includes everything you need to simply, safely, and effectively deliver Aromatherapy to your patients! First choice of Hospitals and Clinics across the USA.


AROMATHERAPY CORE PROGRAM core-program-header.png

The Aromatherapy Core Program is a comprehensive training program that provides  consulting support for easy start up and staff education. Designed to meet the needs of long-term care facilities. Improve quality of living, reduce use of psychotropic drug use, reduce stress, and enhance well being for both residents and Staff.


 CONSULTING for HEALTHCARE PROFESSIONALS donna-jodi-large-image.jpg

Expert support for Healthcare professionals to improve your outcomes with essential oils.



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