Helichrysum (Corsica)

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Commonly used for - Currently stocking Helichysum from Corsica, previously from France.  Kurt Schnaubelt recommends helichrysum in 10% dilution or lower, as the first choice oil skin injuries -impact injuries, bleeding wounds, damaged tissue, bruising, healing scars, sprains, joints. Respiratory uses helps to clears mucous. Emotionally - known for helping release deeply held spiritual trauma, often called a "warrior" oil. It's worth the investment, just use in lower dilutions.

Aroma - slightly sweet, bittersweet, warm, rich

Energetics - Known for helping release deeply held spiritual trauma, spiritual warrior oil. Regulates Qi, cools, dries.

Latin Name — Helichrysum italicum

Country of Origin — Corsica

Organic Certification — Organic

Recipe — Wounds, cuts, deep bruising

  • 2 drops helichrysum
  • add to 1 tsp. arnica cream or gel

Apply liberally to area.

Cautions — when used within recommended dilutions, non irritating, non toxic and non sensitizing. Do not use full strength if taking blood thinning medications

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