Himalayan Pink Salts - 1 Lb Bag

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Himalayan Pink Salt is mined from deep within the earth, holding “eons of stored solar energy”. This also means it is free from most modern day pollutants. Himalayan Salt contains 84 essential minerals required to sustain human life.  These minerals are easily absorbed through the skin.

Energetically, Himalayan salt re balances the body, helps the body remove wastes (detoxifies) without stripping minerals. Instead, it adds them.
Imagine soaking in a warm and aromatic bath with this amazing salt, Jodi’s high frequency blends, and mind-calming intentions. Aahhh!

 Detoxifying Salt Bath - 

    * Add up to 10 drops of Jodi’s Detox synergy to 1 cup of Pink Himalayan Salt in a glass jar (glass is best, but any tight fitting jar will do for temporary use)
    * Cover, shake gently, say a little prayer...  state your intention!
    * Add salts mixed with EO's to the tub at the "almost full" point ( so you don't waste the aroma's before you are in the tub!)

Need a blend suggestion to use with your salt? 
Stressed?  Calming, Tenderness, Serenity or good ole lavender.

Flu achy?  Ravensara!

Congested? Breathe Clear, Eye opener or Perk Up

Can't Sleep? Try Lavender or Rested Blend

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