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Blend Purpose — I had an image once in a meditation, of myself, as a large head, walking around with tiny little legs, and barely a body. The message was, something to the affect of, 'get in touch with your body, you live too much in your head'.

Ever feel disconnected from your body, is your body feeling under appreciated, neglected?

In Touch was created some years ago for an amazing group of women that were involved in a self discovery program. This particular creation needed to be a blend of oils that would draw out the feminine side of themselves, get them to appreciate the wonder, fruitfulness and vastness of their bodies.

Blend contains luxurious absolutes of jasmine and linden blossom—linden is helpful for matters of the heart, and connecting to deep levels of self, while jasmine was added to this blend to promote self acceptance, openness, and relaxation—bringing us to a heightened state of awareness, to accept life's circumstances, and to unleashing stagnant energy. A little citrus and rosewood oils were added to lighten the aromas… it's a magical blend.

Special instructions!!!

  • Deeply inhale and allow this blend to reach up and out to you.
  • It is intentionally quiet, alluring, soft.
  • Apply it to pulse points and allow it to gently, slowly pull forward your inner awareness, reaching out from inside.
  • Appreciate your body.
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