Juniper Berry (Croatia)

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Commonly used for — Juniper is often used in astringent for oily skin and is a great antiseptic. Wonderful addition to body wraps, lymphatic drainage work. Great to help ‘clean out the tissues, known as a great purification oil for physical, emotional and spiritual. Used as a diuretic, and helpful in urinary conditions. (Caddy)

Aroma – Fresh, woody scent.

Energetics – warm, dries, stimulating

Latin Name — Juniperus communis

Country of Origin — Croatia

Cultivation method — Organic

Extraction method — Steam distillation from fruit/berries

Aroma — Fresh, woody

Cautions — Non toxic, non irritating, non sensitizing to most individuals when used in appropriate dilutions. Contraindicated in pregnancy, kidneys disease.

Recipe – Flush it out

  • 4 drops juniper
  • 4 drops grapefruit
  • 2 drops cypress
  • 4 drops bay laurel

Use this blend for dry brushing on stagnant puffy tissue, use in body wraps, stimulating massage, lymphatic drainage techniques.

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