Lemon (South Africa)

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Uses for Lemon:
Clean cutting boards - drop a few drops on board and scrub with baking soda to freshen and clean

Add our organic Lemon  to Olive oil with your favorite spices and herbs for fresh lively salad and veggie  dressing

Drop lemon onto a  cotton swab and dab pimples and acne to help heal - dilute first if sensitive skin

Sniff to clear computer brain throughout the day

Make a salt scrub with jojoba and Lemon  - great scrub for feet.

Commonly used for — Cleansing, refreshing, uplifting, cleaning your home, skin care - diminishing pimples, added to blends for warts, supportive during cold and flu — great oil for the diffusor, infections, increases circulation, detoxification, candida, clears confusion, uses in cooking.

Aroma - Fresh, crisp, bright, uplifting, zesty!

Energetics - Cooling, toning, stimulating, dries, moves qi

Latin Name — Citrus lemon

Country of Origin — South Africa

Cultivation method - Certified Organic

Extraction Method - Expressed from peel

Cautions - Skin irritant, use properly diluted. Phototoxic. Citrus oils do not last as long as most other oils. Keeping it in the refrigerator is acceptable, but also more importantly keep the oil from oxidizing by keeping the bottle tightly closed, and transferring to a smaller bottle as needed.

Recipe Idea - Lemon is excellent in household cleaning — add to spray bottle with one part distilled water and one part hydrogen peroxide, a small amount of natural soap — and you have a great general cleaning spray.

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1 Review

7th Nov 2012

Refreshing Scent

This is my second purchase of Jodi's Lemon essential oil. I love to blend it with other citrus oils in my diffuser. Also mix in spray bottle for a nontoxic air freshener in my kitchen. Great quality and fast reliable shipping.

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