Orange, Sweet (South Africa)

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Commonly used for - for children's blends. Often settles upset stomachs, refresh, invigorate nervous tension. Many people have told stories of carrying orange with them when traveling, and found it was just the thing for calming upset children on the plane, which everyone appreciates. Stimulating addition to lymphatic massage blends to help move fluids, helpful for indigestion. Stimulates appetite.

Aroma — Sweet, fresh, rich

Energetics — Cools, moistens, tones, circulates Qi.. Uplifting, clears negative energy — brings JOY!

Latin Name — Citrus sinensis

Country of Origin — South Africa

Cultivation method — Organic

Extraction Method - Expressed from peel


Cautions — Non toxic, non - irritating, non sensitizing to most individuals when used in appropriate dilutions. Slightly phototoxic

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1 Review

Cindy 28th Jul 2015

Great a a pick me up oil.

We use orange oil in our nursing home to stimulate appetite for our residents. Staff members have said I love it when you diffuse this oil. It energizes me! Works for staff and the residents!

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