Peppermint (South Africa)

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Commonly used for - Peppermint is a staple to every oil lover. Battaglia's references for peppermint include : topical uses for pain, one of the most effective oils for tension headaches, soothing to smooth muscle such as in spasmodic digestive issues, nausea, flatulence, travel sickness. Refreshing and helpful in lymphatic tissues, moves body fluids. Try a few sniffs for mental fatigue, relieve a stuffy nose, to clear and freshen the mind, blend with chamomile and lavender for headaches. Just please remember to DILUTE! Do not apply peppermint directly to the skin with out adding carrier oil. (see cautions below)

Aroma —  Typical bright and sweet but balanced aroma

Energetics — Peppermint is both warming and cooling energetically. Emotionally it enhances concentration — and helpful when insight and inspiration are needed. (Mojay)

Latin Name — Mentha piperita

Country of Origin — South Africa

Cultivation method - Certified Organic

Extraction Method - Steam distilled from leaves

Cautions -Do not use on babies, caution for children under 6. For elderly, dilute to 1-3%. Keep away from eyes. Use in low dilution for cooling effect only.

*My recent Peppermint was from South Africa.  Unfortunately, it's no longer available.  This Peppermint is very close in aroma to the South Africa. 

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