Pink Lotus Absolute 5% - 10 ml ONLY

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Since this is a very precious and expensive oil, I am only selling it online in 5% dilution with jojoba oil in a 5ml size.  Inquire for pricing on Pink Lotus Absolute undiluted.

Pink Lotus  is in a class by itself.  I was looking for something dreamy, ethereal, high frequency, and with a light, sweet aroma that could really catch my attention. Needless to say - this Pink Lotus delivered! 

The aroma is actually better when opened up with a carrier oil - and it is still plenty powerful!! I use this as a sacred oil, it creates a beautiful harmonic resonance in the energetic body - it pulls you up to it.


Commonly used for — Aroma, love, heighten spiritual growth, ritual, offerings, meditation, calming, soothing, sacred perfumes. 

Aroma — Delicate, subtle, sweet, rich, deep -fruity/leathery undertones.

Latin Name — Nelumbo nucifera

Country of Origin — India

Extraction Method — Absolute, solvent extracted


History -  "Lotus flowers have been used throughout history in South Asia and have been featured in Buddhist and Hindu art, architecture and literature. It was even a symbolically important plant before the religions at the time of the Indus Valley civilization.  The flowers became symbolic of immortality and resurrection because people observed that they would grow from the bottom of dried up pools after the monsoon rains.  Despite its early use, it was Buddhism which first brought the lotus symbol to widespread use. Lotus medallions are prominent on the Buddhist places of worship at Sanchi in Madhaya Pradesh and Amaravati in Andhra Pradesh dating from the 2nd century BC to the 2nd century AD.  As Buddhism spread from India to Central Asia and China in the first few centuries AD, lotus flowers were used to represent Buddha. They featured on rosettes, scrolls, motifs and iconography.  The giant leaves of lotus plants were used as plates in ancient India, and its seeds and roots are still considered a delicacy. 11th and 12th century texts noted lotus dishes and feasts in which lotus leaves were consumed." From Chris McMahon


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2 Reviews

andrea 23rd Oct 2016

cant get enough

I've bought this bottle about 4 times so far. I want to bathe in this oil, no water, just the oil. Jodi's description of what she was aiming for completely nailed it. It's such a delicious oil. I lather my skin in it so much I wish it came in a bigger bottle. I only use the oils when I'm going to go to sleep. If I have problems falling asleep I slap it on my palms and back of my hands, on my forearms so when I sleep the scent is right in my nose. It helps calm my brain really quick and I'm out.

I also love the vanilla 10%, it is really expensive but it's a nice change. It smellls like a tub of frosting. I also like using the Deep Relief.

Dorine 18th Apr 2014

Beautiful Essential Oil

This is such a beautiful essential oil! Pink Lotus Absolute enhances love, relationships, and spiritual growth. Its essence is ethereal and delicate.

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