Rosalina ( Australia)

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Commonly used for - Known as a "Lavender Tea Tree", this is a floral, woodsy cousin of Tea Tree, just beautiful aroma, i much prefer to use this over tea tree, from an aroma view point. High in linalool and cineole - it is commonly used in antiseptic preparations to freshen, in massage to energize and loosen muscle. Calming, opening, cooling, moves Qi.

Aroma — slighty floral,rosey, fresh,

Energetics — cooling and moistening, clears heat and is a tonic for yin energy.

Latin Name — Melaleuca ericifolia

Country of Origin — Australia

Cultivation Method — Sustainably grown

Extraction Method - Steam distilled

Cautions — Non toxic, non-irritating, non sensitizing to most individuals when used in appropriate dilutions

Great oil for the diffuser, especially when things are "going around"...



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