Rose Absolute (Turkey)

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Commonly used for — Rose absolute is always for the first choice for matters of the heart. Rose is the ultimate symbol of love, carrying an electromagnetic frequency higher than most other plants. The aroma and vibration offered by rose is a high frequency gift, to assist us with emotional healing. Rose absolute is often used for aromatic uses to capture the scent of rose, while rose otto may be used more often for holistic healing for physical, as well as emotional, energetic uses. *See below for the difference between rose absolute and rose otto.

Aroma — Rosy, deep, rich — truer to the "expected" smell of Rose

Energetics - Cools, moistens, balancing, nourishing

Latin Name — Rosa damascena

Country of Origin — Turkey

Cultivation method — Wild grown

Extraction method — Solvent extracted, absolute

*Special note — Many ask, “what is the difference is between rose otto and rose absolute”? It's all in the extraction process. Rose otto is the essential oil, steam distilled from the petals of rosa damascena plant, while rose absolute refers to the extraction method of using solvents and fats to pull the aromatic molecules from the petals. The solvents used are almost completely gone from the final product. Rose absolute can be considered more fragrant and truer to the aroma of the rose, it is also less expensive and a good option for aromatic uses.

Safety — Rose absolute may be irritating to some skin, use in proper dilutions.

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