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If you are looking "traditional lavender" please select, Lavender, French.

Spike Lavender (Lavandula latifolia) is a different species of Lavender. It's chemical make up is quite different. The aroma is more camphorous due to high 1,8-cineole content. The aroma if often described as if lavender and eucalyptus were mixed together. 

Spike Lavender is energetically more invigorating, stimulating, with promising anti-viral, anti-bacterial activities and is often used in diffusers during colds and flu for it's respiratory benefits.

Common uses — Provides a stimulating and energizing atmosphere. Stimulating to the respiratory system. Used topically - dilute the essential oil to a 3% or lower dilution for use on the skin, in small areas, like a chest rub for congestion.

Aroma - Fresh, sharp, camphoraceous and herbaceous

Energetics - Stimulating - Cooling

Latin Name - Lavandula latifolia

Country of Origin — France

Cultivation method — Organic

Extraction method — Steam distilled

Cautions - If used in diffusers, cautions for those with epilepsy, and with extended use around young children. Topical dilution rate .05% - 3%.

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