Spikenard - Nard (Nepal)

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Commonly used for - sometimes known as nard, long prized for it's healing properties, mentioned in the Bible and eastern ayurvedic medicine. Closely related to valerian root. A single drop of spikenard  with rose and a tsp. of jojoba is a great blend for hospice, for the dying, or those going through spiritual crises. Eases tension, helps people let go of old emotional pain, a  great "energy workers" oil.  Many therapeutic uses, see resource book.

Aroma — heavy, earthy, "animal" aroma

Energetics — warming drying

Latin Name — Nardostachys jatamansii

Country of Origin — Nepal

Cultivation Method — Wild grown

Extraction Method - Steam distilled

Cautions — Non toxic, non - irritating, non sensitizing to most individuals when used in appropriate dilutions.


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