Tansy, Blue 10% (Morocco) - 10 ml ONLY

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Commonly used for — Diluted to 10% in fractionated coconut oil for economical use. I find this dilution rate very effective, and it saves you money. Excellant uses for seasonal allergies, hay fever and bug bites.  I love this oil for relaxing tense tight muscles and Qi,  GI related tension - stress issues. Soothing to red irritated and inflammed skin and damaged tissue ( add helichrysum for deep healing). Emotionally - helpful for tense conditions - tansy will help loosen everyday tension, irritability and worries. Blue Tansy is high in chamazulene content, which gives it beatutiful blue green color.  

Aroma - Deep herbal, honey apple, green, sweet,

Energetics - cools heat - regulates Qi, calms mind, balance

Latin Name -Tanacetum annum

Country of Origin — North Morocco

Cultivation Method — Sustainably wild harvested, certified organic

Extraction Method - Steam distilled from fresh flowering tops

Cautions — Use in appropriate dilutions. 10% or less -  is perfect for most conditions. Make sure you are using Tanacetum annum, Tanacetum vulgare from Utah, USA -  should not be used in aromatherapy due to high thujone contents


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