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Originally, I developed this blend for chronic fatigue clients to help them rest and address some of the other underlying pain. With great feedback and results, a little tweaking, what resulted is a fantastic blend. Besides who doesn't need a little tenderness? Multipurpose blend to rest, use in evening shower, calming cranky kids (or parents) for bedtime. Great for the skin, add to lotions and massage oil for stress related muscle tension. Proprietary blend with: palmarosa, lavender, roman chamomile, geranium, rosewood.


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2 Reviews

Suzanne Ryan 28th May 2012

Gentle enough for moms to be and for babies

I love Tenderness because is speaks of love. It is safe enough for moms-to-be who need to feel loved and enjoy their pregnancy and be able to give love to their unborn child. There is so much research to prove that the baby feels everything that the mom feels. It is so important for the mom to accept and love her child at every step of the pregnancy. And when the baby is born, it's gentle and safe enough to use on the baby's skin, maybe with a little more dilution than mom, but very calming and soothing for the baby as well.

Suzanne Ryan 6th Jul 2011

Try a Little Tenderness

Tenderness is one of my all time favorites. Now that Jodi has tweaked it, I know it will be even better than before. This is a very heart centered blend and goes well with the color green for all you who practice Color Therapy to go with the Heart Chakra. It is calming and soothing on all levels. It helps to balance the emotions while building muscle and tissue at the same time, supposedly on the energizing effects the heart has on the blood. It eradicates negativity and replaces it with uplifting freedom and harmony, balance and understanding, love and regeneration. And it soothes headaches. Does it get any better than this? Try it, you'll like it.

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