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This is the perfect diffuser for your home, bedroom, day care, office, yoga studio, massage office, senior care — anywhere you want the benefit of aromatherapy — without the hassle.  Watch video for how operating, cleaning information.

Why choose this Diffuser over others that look the same? 

  • Fully re-engineered electronics, efficient, economical, designed & tested and backed by full warranty in USA.
  • Intermittent settings no need to run constantly. Newly re-calibrated settings of High Medium and Low mist volume output.
  • 1500 to 2200 cubic feet range, light and compact: Weighs less than 1lb, 4" high and 7" in diameter. Power adapter less than 5oz.
  • Lights can turn completely off during use — great for nighttime
  • Exclusive 12 month warranty
  • No heat, no sticky residue to clean, no glass to break or clean, no waste of expensive oils
  • Local Company in Minneapolis - great if you need a repair!

USING SAFE, LOW VOLTAGE DIRECT CURRENT AND THE LATEST IN ULTRASONIC TECHNOLOGY, the water in the bowl of the Diffuser acts as the “carrier” for the essential oil. Each nano-droplet of water that leaves the bowl as mist is covered with a molecular-thin coating of the essential oil, which rapidly becomes part of your room’s atmosphere. Depending on the mist volume and mode setting you choose, a single fill can last for up to eight hours or more. For peaceful sleep, all lights can be turned off while diffusion continues.

THERE ARE VERY FEW SERVICE NEEDS WITH H2EO DIFFUSERS WHEN THEY ARE PROPERLY CARED FOR. If you experience a problem try the troubleshooting tips by downloading the User Handbook at www.plantextractsinc.com/manuals.php or at www.plantextractsinc.com/sales_service.php. Used as intended, H2EO Diffusers are always repairable, and need never end up in a landfill.

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