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Commonly used for — Vanilla absolute in a 10% dilution with golden jojoba is offered as an affordable way to use real vanilla absolute, without all the high cost of buying vanilla straight. This little bottle can go a long way - i use vanilla to aromatically enhance blends that I want a warm, sensual, comforting energy to. Vanilla brings comfort, ease, common ground - I've noticed that many people respond to the aroma of vanilla with a deep sigh, a letting go...

How to use - You'll notice that vanilla absolute stays separated in the jojoba oil, you will see little brown blobs... this allows you to use the jojoba oil like an "infused" carrier oil. Keep the vanilla droplets at the bottom of the bottle - then add a little more jojoba to stretch you dollar.. you can continue to add more jojoba and let the vanilla infuse the new jojoba.

Aroma - Sweet, warm, rich

Energetics - Warm, toning

Latin Name - Vanilla planifolia

Country of Origin — Madagascar

Cultivation Methods— Organic

Extraction Methods - Absolute

Cautions — Non toxic, non - irritating, non sensitizing to most individuals when used in appropriate dilutions.

Recipe - Massage Comfort

  • 2 drops Vanilla 10%
  • 1 drop Clary Sage
  • 3 drops Orange
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