Vetiver (Sri Lanka)

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Commonly used for — grounding, balance, and wisdom! It's my anchoring into the earth energy oil.  Vetiver is cooling, and helps "sink" or pull down the excess "qi" from a busy mind to help you rest. Vetiver is lovely when blended with a small amount with clary sage, frankincense & bergamot or mandarin.
Emotional uses for trauma recovery, supports weakened will. Use sparingly 1-5% dilution - very intense earthy smoky aroma.

Aroma - smoky, sweet, deep,

Energetics - Cooling, nourishing, balancing, clears heat.

Latin Name - Vetiveria zizanoides

Country of Origin - Sri Lanka

Cultivation Method - Non Sprayed

Extraction Method - Steam distilled from vetivers extensive roots


Cautions - Non toxic, non irritating to most individuals when used in proper dilutions.

Recipe - Personal Scent

  • 2 drops jasmine sambac
  • 2 drops rose absolute
  • 1 drop vetiver

Mix with 1 tsp of jojoba oil. Use for personal scent, aroma, meditation, dreaming, centering... set your intentions.

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2 Reviews

Quenby Murphy-Parker 28th Jun 2018

The Best Vetiver!!

This is the best vetiver I have ordered. It has a very nice balanced aroma.

1st Nov 2012

A little goes a long way

I love this scent in my diffuser mixed with my other favorite oils. Jodi's oils are top quality and shipping is fast and reliable.

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