Ylang Ylang Complete (Madagascar)

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Commonly used for - its lovely sweet, i call it twang that it brings out in blends. Ylang Ylang has many "grades" which refers to the distillation process, the version i have here - complete grade, Ylang Ylang means all distillations are mixed together. Uses include balancing for skin care, calming to the nervous system, PMS. Cooling — supports the heart energies. Great feminine energy in this oil.

Aroma - Sweet, intense, rich, floral

Energetics - Cools, clears, stimulates

Latin Name — Cananga odorata

Country of Origin — Madagascar

Cultivation Method — Organic

Extraction Method - Steam distillation of flowers

Cautions - non toxic, non irritating to most individuals when used in proper dilutions. Excessive inhalation of ylang ylang may give you a light headed feel, or slightly nauseous

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