Aromatherapy Consultations - with Jodi

For when you want to know what oils to use for your symptoms or concerns, and HOW to apply, inhale or incorporate the oils into your day for optimal results.
This is an informational session  - not a hands on treatment.  Your consult can be via phone, or at the Studio, and product can be shipped to you if needed. 

A consultation includes:

    • an intake of your symptoms and  health history
    • I'll select the oils, methods of use, prepare your products for you
    • clear instructions of proper use of the oils, and discuss any safety information, time to answer your questions
    • choose from 30 or 60 minute sessions - (I recommend 60 min for your first time to allow time for intake)
    • expert advice from a Certified Clinical Aromatherapist with 15 years experience!

Aroma Acupoint Therapy (AAT)- with Jodi


AAT is a profoundly effective treatment utilizing the energetic activity of essential oils on acupoints and reflex zones of the body. Much like an acupuncture treatment, but without the needles!

Based on your condition / symptoms we can stimulate the acupoints with oils, similar to how a needle would. The oils create a resonance with the meridian system - encouraging and directing the flow of energy to bring balance back to your system.

What to expect in a session

    • We start with a detailed assessment, so I can determine the best treatment protocol based on your system and symptoms.  Follow up appointments will require a short check in of symptoms, and more time on the table.
    • Wear loose comfortable cotton clothing if possible.  I use gentle, light touch to hold the oils on the points. 
    • We may also integrate light shiatsu massage, breath work, healing music, and guided meditation into your treatment
    • Your treatment is amplified by lying on our Amethyst Bio-mat providing infrared heat and a negative ion field during your session.
    • We further support your treatment  with our "Living Water" to re hydrate your tissues with structured purified living water! 

Your session will be unique to YOU, and when needed will include written take home instructions for self care to maintain the benefits of your session.

 AAT is GREAT FOR CHILDREN!  Helpful for stress related issues, anxiety, depression, trouble focusing in school, fatigue etc. Within a few sessions, I can teach the child or the parent how to apply the oils on the points so you can do this at home! 

We are all about self care and want you to know how to help yourself!

*Please Note - Jodi's availability for individual appointments is limited and fills fast. If you can not find a time on the appointment calendar - please email or call and we will find a time that works for you!
Please call Jodi at 612.802.9483 or email at if you are having online scheduling difficulties! 

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